If you are interested in seeing the budget for the current fiscal year or in reading the financial audit, you may go to the website of the Accountability website and find the information there. You may also come to the office and ask to see the documents.

Richmond City's fiscal year runs from July 1st through June 30th. The council discusses the upcoming budget each year in April; a public hearing is held in May for input. In June, the budget is adopted by resolution at a city council meeting.


Utah has a website dedicated to the transparency and accountability of government finances. Richmond posts its budgetary transactions there.

2019-2020 Budget/Property Tax

When the property tax rate was increased in 2018, the council also decided to hold the certified tax rate. This means that your property is taxed at the same rate (percentage) each year.

The City Council held a public hearing at a meeting held August 20th then approved a resolution holding the tax rate the same as last year.

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