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Richmond Fire & Rescue Department

The Richmond Fire & Rescue Department is an all-volunteer group of citizens providing fire and emergency medical services to our community. They're also partnered with the Cache County Emergency Medical Services and the Cache County Fire District. They respond not only to emergencies within the city but can be called upon to support fire suppression elsewhere in the county and on forest service lands. Our responders are also trained to provide emergency medical support to accident victims and others.

Update January, 2019

The city council discussed proposed changes to the operation of the Richmond Fire & EMS Department. Please read the January 15 council minutes for more information.

Richmond Fire & Rescue Update

In September, there was a City Council meeting where Richmond City Fire & EMS Services were discussed. Leading up to the city council meeting, there was significant confusion and misunderstanding on what the City Council was working on and trying to accomplish.

In the City Council meeting, it was clarified the city council is NOT getting rid of the fire department of the city and never intended to do so. The city council and I were in the process of looking at several options to help our department which has limited volunteer numbers. Everyone who attended the city council meeting as well as all members of the fire department were made aware that I had reached out to Smithfield City and asked to be on their city council agenda. I intended to formally request permission to look into options for both cities to work closer together. Right now, the city has a contract with Smithfield City that offers coverage Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

At the city council meeting another item of discussion were some issues with personnel. Everyone realized these issues needed to be addressed before the department could move forward to look at other options both long and short term. Since the September City Council Meeting, there have been some disciplinary actions taken to address some personnel issues.

A committee (myself, Council Member Lyle Bair, and former fire Chief Troy Hooley) was appointed with the task of working with fire department members on long-term options for the Richmond City Fire Department, not a short-term fix that would not resolve our issues. The committee will also serve as the leadership of the department until a long-term solution has been finalized. The committee has met multiple times with the seven active fire department members to look at options for the city and the department.

Where are we currently at? I went before the Smithfield City Council on September 26th and received permission for representatives of both cities to look for ways we can work together to resolve our issues. Since that meeting, I have been in communication with Cache County and other cities located in the north end of Cache Valley who are interested in working together as one cohesive group. This is great news for Richmond and every city who participates! When we have written options of what is being considered, we will make sure everyone in our community is aware and has a chance to attend a meeting where this situation will be discussed. This will be done with the City Council and fire department members together as one. I would expect a formal proposal sometime after the start of the year as all involved entities need to offer input and have their questions answered before presenting the plan to residents of each city.

There is significant misinformation on social media and other platforms regarding this subject. If you have questions, PLEASE reach out to myself or a council member to discuss them. We want everyone to be aware of what is going on and why this is being considered.

Sincerely, Mayor Young

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