General Plan

The Richmond City Council adopted the updated General Plan at their December 17, 2013 meeting. Thank you to the committee for all of their work on this project! Richmond citizens participated in answering survey questions and shared their thoughts at several open houses and public hearings. Everyone's comments were taken into account in arriving at this final document.

The General Plan is not an ordinance but a guidance document for how Richmond will grow and where, what amenities to develop (parks, trails), and where roads should be constructed, among other things. As such, it will be reviewed as necessary during the coming years to ensure it still matches the citizens' vision of how Richmond City should grow.

General Plan

Some parts of the plan are large files; please let us know if you'd like a copy burned to CD. Printed copies are available for review at the city office during regular office hours. All files are in Adobe PDF format; please use the latest version of Acrobat Reader available to download here.

General Plan

Attachment A. Maps

Attachment B. Timeline

Attachment C. SWOT Analysis

Attachment D. Rural Character Map

Appendix 1. Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan

Appendix 2. Moderate Income Housing Plan

Appendix 3. Survey Results

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