Richmond Irrigation & Power Company

The Richmond Irrigation & Power Company is a nonprofit, mutual irrigation company and is not run by the city. A board of directors guides the company; stocks (shares) are issued by the company to shareholders who then have the right to use water pursuant to the water rights held by the company.

As a service to the irrigation company and its shareholders, Richmond City will post information from the company on the city website. If you have questions about the irrigation schedule, how to purchase a share, etc., PLEASE contact the company and not Richmond City.

October 7th Notice

The water is being drained from all lines this week. With cold temperatures expected later this week, please make sure and drain your system and/or keep a valve slightly open to prevent broken pipes.

Notice to Stockholders 2019

Click here for the 2019 notice to stockholders. City turns: homeowners may use the water without restriction on odd or even days based on their street address. Continual use is discouraged, and excessive use (wasting water) is not allowed. Field turns are under the direction of the Water Master.

The board members are shown on the notice to stockholders. The treasurer is Connie Ward (435) 512-5103 and the secretary is Aimee Johnson (435) 757-0246.

Stockholder Meeting Minutes

All minutes are in PDF format. The minutes are posted for the public's convenience and are NOT considered an official record. If you need a copy for an official action, please contact the Board to request a certified copy.


The policies of the Richmond Irrigation Company are found here.

Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation were adopted in 2007 and recorded in 2009. Click here for the Articles of Incorporation that were approved at the 2018 stockholders meeting. You will need Adobe Reader.


Click here for the bylaws that were approved at the 2018 stockholders meeting.

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