Dog License

Dog Licensing Information

Dogs must be under control (on a leash) or confined in their yard or kennel. They are not to run loose through the neighborhood. If there is a problem animal in your area (running loose, excessive barking, threatening other animals or humans), please call Animal Control (Cache County Sheriff's Department) at (435) 753-7555. Visit CCSO Animal Control for more information.

All dog licenses expire December 31st of each year. The licenses must be renewed annually; in January and February the license for a spayed or neutered dog is $5 while the license for an intact dog is $10. These fees double beginning March 1. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Puppies do not need to be licensed until two months old.

If someone moves into Richmond anytime during the year, they have 10 days to license their dog/s. The exception is if they have a puppy less than two months old; then they may wait until it turns two months old.

Residents wishing to keep three to six dogs must apply for a conditional use permit from Richmond Planning & Zoning (good for three years) as well as a kennel license ($50 per year; fee doubles March 1st) from the City Council.

A minimum of 15,000 square feet including buildings is needed to keep three dogs. Keeping four to six dogs requires a minimum of 20,000 square feet.

See Richmond Municipal Code 13-260 for more information.

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