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300 East Trail

Over the past several years, Richmond City has been discussing the need for safer sidewalks and walking/biking paths for residents. Many people walk or bike along roads or narrow sidewalks to school, church, the post office, or for exercise and recreation. Often times, there is no safe route other than the road surface or sidewalks that are partially covered, or in disrepair.

Though most of the local roads in Richmond are low-speed and have few vehicles throughout the day, some are becoming much busier and are unsafe for people to walk and bike on. One of those roads is 300 East, due to its proximity to Cherry Peak Ski Resort as well as new developments being constructed along the corridor.

The city has been working with Bear River Association of Governments to procure $120,500 in state grants to help construct a paved multi-use pathway along 300 East. The Richmond City Council held an open house on October 16, 2018, for adjacent property owners along the corridor to ask questions and make suggestions on the project. Around thirty-five people attended and gave input on the type of pavement to be used, width of the pathway, and where the pathway should be located. After the open house, the council voted to construct the pathway on the east side of 300 East, and on the east edge of the city right-of-way (completely within the city right-of-way), adjacent to private property boundaries.

Richmond was awarded $55,000 from the 2019 RAPZ tax funds for the trail.

The pathway will be paved in concrete for the entire length of the corridor between 300 North and about 350 South, ending at the Horse Arena. It will be 8 feet wide from Main Street north to 300 North, and 6 feet wide from Main Street south to the Horse Arena. Eventually, the city would like to connect the pathway to the existing canal trail east of town, creating a nice 4-mile loop.

The 300 East pathway will be a great step forward for Richmond City in providing a safe place for residents to walk and bike. It is hoped that in the future, more projects like this can help to expand the network of trails and pathways in the city in a coordinated and organized manner. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Mayor or City Council Members.

Click here for an overview of the pathway and here for information on the width of the pathway.

Some of work done by the 40+ volunteers on the 300 East Trail

Over 40 volunteers helped clear a section of the 300 East Trail on July 25th.

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