Park Renovation

Update April 2021

Major renovation has been paused due to pandemic restrictions and concern for potential financial impacts to our city budget.

In 2017, the Cache County School District transferred the buildings and land associated with Park Elementary School (90 S 100 W) to Richmond City. With that acquisition, plans are underway as to how the building will be used. The city offices will be moved to the Park building (now called the Park Community Center) but all else is to be decided.

The Park Renovation Committee was formed in October 2017. Members meet as needed to discuss proposals on use of the Park building, the city building at 6 W Main, and the library/Carnegie building at 38 W Main. Renovations will be made to the Park building in phases. The bulk of the first phase is being funded by the sale of the house the city owned just north of the current city office.

If you have suggestions for what should be done with Park, the current city office building, and the library, please contact one of the committee members or email the committee at .

We will have an open house at Black & White Days (May 19, 2018) with more information and opportunities for you to share your ideas. Meanwhile, you can check out the presentation from the State of the City address for more details.

And click below for a 360 degree panorama of the proposed council chambers:

View City building in Chief Architect’s 360° Panorama Viewer.


Below are proposals/suggestions that have been received. Again, the only thing decided at this point is that the city offices will be moving to Park. Please let us know your thoughts on these and submit your ideas of the possibilities. Click here for preliminary drawings showing the current area in Phase 1 (page 1), demolition (page 2), and rebuild (page 3).

  • Locate a Northern Cache County Sheriff department satellite office in Park; there is a budget of $75,000 to complete this and in exchange the CCSO will not increase its contract with Richmond
  • Move the library to Park.
    • By combining adjoining classrooms, this would at least double the square footage of the current library space.
    • The library would be ADA compliant and accessible.
    • Create more space for studying, meetings, and computer usage.
    • Increase parking.
    • Create a modern, inviting atmosphere.
    • Improve technology capabilities with fiber optics.
    • If the library moves to Park, then decisions will be made for what to do with the Carnegie building. It could become a museum (private or public or a mix thereof).
  • Local service groups could use some of the Park rooms for storage and meeting areas.
  • The gym could be rented out for sports activities and large gatherings.

Suggestions for the 'old' city offices building:

  • The theatre and ballroom would continue to be available for rent by the public.
  • A small business could rent the office space.
  • A senior center could be created in the building and meals prepared in the kitchen.
  • Office space could be made available to local non-profit groups.

These are just a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. We are eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

Members of the committee are:

Name Affiliation Phone
Lori Bowcutt Business (435) 757-9655
Linda Kirby DUP President (435) 258-5156
Vern Fielding P&Z/Realtor (435) 232-1998
Marian Fielding Lions Club President (435) 770-4730
Troy Hooley Fire Chief (435) 764-5454
Belinda Burningham White Pine Elementary (435) 760-2140
Cody Braegger Business (435) 890-3758
Lora Smith Library Director (435) 512-1865
Cheryl Peck City Council (435) 760-8961
Tucker Thatcher City Council (435) 881-2708
Jeff Young Mayor (435) 232-8056

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