Wastewater Treatment System

Impact Fees

Richmond City has updated the Water and Wastewater Impact Fees; they went into effect April 1, 2020. Click here for the impact and hookup fees.

Sewer (Wastewater) Fee

When the city built the current wastewater treatment plant in 2009, we obtained a mix of grants and a no-interest loan. As part of the conditions of the loan, we are obligated to keep a reserve in the sewer fund that would cover expenses for a year. The plan was to have three increases in the monthly sewer fee (the initial charge, then two more). We only implemented the first two.

We had two industrial users that paid significant amounts to the city for the wastewater put into the system. They have both changed their processes in the last couple of years and no longer need to pay huge fees to the city. As a result, we (the city) are no longer receiving enough money from the $53/month fee to meet our obligations.

Richmond City Council commissioned a rate analysis that looked at options for meeting the reserve. For a discussion of the report from Public Sector Economics, read the minutes from January 19, 2021.

After much discussion and listening to comments from the public hearing, the council voted in June to put in place the final increase. This was not an easy decision but it was necessary. Several options were debated, and the council decided to implement a $20/month increase starting July 1, 2021: the sewer fee will now be $73/month for up to 20,000 gallons wastewater discharged into the system. This is for both residential and commercial users.

If a user discharges more than 20,000 gallons/month, a surcharge of $1 per each 1,000 gallons over the 20,000 base will be added. In addition, there are surcharges for certain contaminants that are typically found in commercial waste streams.

The base rate will increase $2.00 per month at the start of each fiscal year (beginning July 1st, 2022) to offset inflation and for maintenance of the infrastructure and treatment plant.

New users of the sewer system (such as new homes or commercial buildings) are also required to pay an impact fee and a hook-up fee in addition to the monthly charge.

Call 811 Before Digging

Please be sure to call Blue Stakes (811) 48 hours before digging to have utilities such as natural gas pipelines marked. Click here for more information.

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