Wastewater Treatment System

Impact Fees

Richmond City has updated the Water and Wastewater Impact Fees; they went into effect April 1, 2020. Click here for the impact and hookup fees.

Sewer (Wastewater) Fee

The base rate of $53.00 per month (effective July 1st) covers a base discharge of 15,000 gallons per month (based on the amount of culinary water metered into the residence or business). Amounts over that base will be charged $1 per each additional 1000 gallons.

The base rate increases $1.00 per month at the start of each fiscal year (July 1) to offset inflation and for maintenance of the infrastructure and treatment plant.

New users of the sewer system are also required to pay an impact fee and a hook-up fee in addition to the monthly charge.

Call 811 Before Digging

Please be sure to call Blue Stakes (811) 48 hours before digging to have utilities such as natural gas pipelines marked. Click here for more information.

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