Richmond Sports

Richmond Sports Committee

The Richmond Sports Committee coordinates various sports for local youth. Recreation soccer is offered spring and fall through NUU (Northern Utah United). The site provides information on registration (in-person in Richmond, online, or mail). Checks are to be made out to NUU.

Sports organized by the committee include

  • T-ball for boys and girls ages 5-6
  • Coach Pitch for boys and girls ages 7-8
  • Slow pitch Ponytail for girls ages 9-12
  • Minors for boys ages 9-10
  • Majors for boys ages 11-12

Checks need to be made out to Richmond City.

Cub River Sports Complex

The Cub River Sports Complex is a joint project of Richmond and Lewiston. Both communities share in the cost of maintenance, utilities, and development. Click here for an article from The Hard News Cafe for a brief history of the complex.

The complex has received funds numerous years from the RAPZ (Recreation, Arts, Parks & Zoo) tax to install a playground, add sidewalks, expand parking, and do other improvements to the facility.

To view the activities currently scheduled at the complex, please check the calendar. Scheduling of events is done through Lewiston. Please contact Robert Barlow for information (link on calendar page).

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