Culinary Water System

Impact Fees

Richmond City has updated the Water and Wastewater Impact Fees; they went into effect April 1, 2020. Click here for the impact and hookup fees.

Culinary Water Rates

The base rate of $61.00 per month (effective July 1, 2021) covers the first 10,000 gallons of water. For water use over 10,000 gallons, the following surcharges will apply:

10,001 to 100,000 gallons: $1.00/1000 gallons for metered water
100,001 gallons and over: $2.00/1000 gallons

At the start of each new fiscal year (July 1st), the base rate increases $1 per month. This rate increase helps us to keep up with the rising costs of delivery and infrastructure maintenance of the culinary water system.

New users (new homes or commercial buildings) of culinary water pay an impact fee and a hook-up fee in addition to the water rates.

Copper in Drinking Water

Read this important information about copper in drinking water.

Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

Richmond City publishes a drinking water quality report each year to provide you with information about your drinking water and the efforts to provide safe drinking water. Please click here for the most recent report (2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report).

Water Conservation Plan

The city council adopted the updated Water Conservation Plan during the September 2020 meeting. Goals set in the previous plan (from 2014) were met but there is still room for improvement. Remember to Slow the Flow year round, not just in the summer.

Call 811 Before Digging

Please be sure to call Blue Stakes (811) 48 hours before digging to have utilities such as natural gas pipelines marked. Click here for more information.

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